Family Housing (Lemoore)

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  • At Naval Air Station Lemoore we have Public-Private Venture (PPV) homes and have partnered with  Liberty Military Housing (LMH) to offer you and your family outstanding housing choices. This approach provides a property management staff to respond to day to day maintenance and operations, while teaming with the Navy Housing Service Center (HSC) staff to provide Service Member advocacy services and support. 


Download Today!  The Tenant Bill of Rights download (4 pages total) also includes Tenants Responsibilities and Memo for Tenants in Privatized Military Housing.

Resident Eligibility, Requirements and application process

Active duty military personnel with dependents are eligible for and are the primary residents of LMH.  If you desire to live in LMH or are considering it, you may submit a housing application to the HSC who will determine eligibility, process and application and maintain the waiting list.

To apply for LMH you will need to submit an application along with your PCS Orders to NAS Lemoore, Record of Emergency Data (Page 2) and Detaching Endorsement from present command.  Even though you may submit your application early, the official date on the waiting list will begin effective the date of “detachment” from your last permanent duty station. You must check into the HSC within 30 days of arrival to secure full local move benefits. Application may be made in person or submitted by mail, fax or email. Those not submitted in person must be confirmed within 30 days of reporting. Contact the NAS Lemoore HSC for an application and additional information.

Benefits of choosing Navy privatized housing include:

  • Opportunity to pay rent with allotment
  • No security deposits for Service Members when rent is paid by allotment
  • No application or credit check fees
  • Lease cannot be denied to a Service Member due to a negative credit check
  • Free community events for families and children
  • Three Community Centers 
  • Two community pools
  • Homes located on the installation behind a fence
  • No charge for “normal” utility use (please see RECP information for details)
  • Maximum rent amount equals BAH
  • Choice of 6 or 12 month initial lease term, with month to month thereafter (includes military clause)
  • A property management team that understands the military culture and challenges faced by military spouses and families


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