Ellyson Park Dog Park

Calling all dog lovers and their furry companions! 
Unleash the fun and let your pup’s tail wag with joy at Ellyson Park Dog Park. 
Our park is a haven for dogs of all shapes and sizes to romp, play, and socialize in a safe and secure environment. This spacious off leash dog park offers separate areas for large dogs and small dogs, so even pint-sized pups can play the day away! 
There is ample play equipment to keep tails wagging and minds stimulated. 
Didn't pack your pup some water, don't worry our Dog Park water station will help keep your furry friend hydrated while they play.  A shaded seating areas is available for pet parents to relax and mingle. 
Join our pack today and watch your dog’s happiness soar at the Ellyson Park Dog Park because every dog deserves a place to run free and make memories. 
Let the adventures begin!